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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Jim the Chaosbunny
Cower in slightly sarcastic fear! The Chaosbunny is an artist by trade, geek by inclination and full-time embodiment of entropy by nature. She has no intention whatsoever of growing up, but fully intends to take over the world.
Chaosbunnies thrive on a steady diet of polka dots, tea, cuddles and intellectual discussion.
The Chaosbunny in Real Life
The Original Bunny Toon
The Bunny Ears
Once upon a time, there was a shy little girl geek, who lived in the not-so-wilds of England. One day she was invited to a fancy dress party, and for no particular reason she decided to dress as a bunny. On the way to the party, lots of people smiled and said hello, and were happy to see a bunny girl hopping down the street, and our geek girl found herself smiling and being happy back. So she decided to keep them on for the next day, and the next... Eventually the day came when she had to be taken seriously, and go out without the bunny ears, but by then she'd become so used to people smiling at her and saying hello and being friendly that she carried right on being smiley and happy - and it worked just as well as wearing the bunny ears. Then she figured she liked them anyway, so she carried on wearing them most days anyway. ;)
Jim is short for Maxine
This is, in fact, my life story. The events detailed in my cartoons have actually happened. Admittedly some of them (you'll know which) only in my head, but it's all my real life. Scary, huh?
At any rate people keep on telling me they enjoy reading, so I figure I might as well put the silliness that life throws at me on a daily basis to good use!
Road Trip, the first sequence of cartoons was the kick that finally pushed me into cartooning my life, and was a result of my trip to Canada with N - It all happened just as you see here, all on the same day. It's not easy being an embodiment of chaos, but it is entertaining!
The nickname 'Jim'* is thanks to my gay fiancee**, the Chaosbunny bit was added later on, and the title of the cartoon is thanks to my lovely friend Lisa - cheers honey!

* A long story.
** An even longer story.