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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Occasionally Asked Questions (O.A.Q.)
Who's Jim and who's Tonic?
I'm Jim, Jim the Chaosbunny - licensed to bend the truth in the name of comedy. Tonic? Well, that's everybody else! Check out the Cast Page for descriptions of my regular characters.
Are you a furry?
Hell no!
So why the ears?
It's a bit of a long story... The short version is that I used to be horribly shy (no, really!) until on my way to a party one day I discovered that it just wasn't possible to be shy whilst wearing bunny ears - and I've had a great time ever since.
... and the polka dots?
Well people always said I was a bit dotty! Truthfully, I'm never seen in public without polka dots. Try and spot me!
Why doesn't the Chaosbunny have any hands and feet?
The inspiration for the comic character was an earlier sketch I had done of 'what I would look like as a beanie toy', and I've never seen one of those with fingers and toes. The Chaosbunny is made of hug.
What's this polyamory thing about?
Will there be a book?
Iím working on it!
More Questions?
You can email questions directly to: jim the chaosbunny at gmail dot com