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Glossary 01 - 'What?'
Monday 11th of August 2008
'What?': (Pronounced halfway between 'what' and 'whut') indicates the Chaosbunny's total innocence, and lack of involvement in anything that might be construed as naughtiness, or merely chaotic behaviour. E.g. 'What? I didn't do anything... Chaos? What chaos?'
Glossary 02 - 'Wah!'
Thursday 30th of October 2008
'Wah!': A one word phrase, generally indicating that the Chaosbunny is in some way being thwarted. Often by an inanimate object, and occasionally by the entire universe.
Glossary 03 - 'Fnoo'
Monday 24th of November 2008
'Fnoo' (pronouced 'fnoo'): noise made by chaosbunnies when feeling generally disgruntled. May also be used as an adjective, eg. 'feeling a bit fnoo' or a verb, eg. 'you look like you're fnooing a bit.'
Glossary 04 - 'Rah!'
Friday 30th of October 2009
'Rah!': noise made by chaosbunnies when... well, all the time, really. Can have several different meanings, and may develop more at any moment.