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Caffeine Patches
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Smescrater said:
I'll take 144 boxes to go please! Someone needs to invent these little patches of joy!
Janne said:
Do those work? 'Cos I could use something like that to prevent me from dozing off while doing something incredible tedious at the computer at work.
Carolyn said:
Put me down for 10 boxes please! NOW!
conflux said:
Or you know you could just drink some tea ;-)
Bunny said:
@Smescrater - preorder 144 boxes and I will totally invent them! I'll give you a discount and round it down to 7000 ;)
Bunny said:
@Conflux: Shhh you'll spoil my devious plan!
Bunny said:
Oh wow, they beat me to it! :D
Flik said:
http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/caffederm.shtml :)
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