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Flying To Cannes
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Reesa said:
At least you don't sing. At one convention with singularly long lines, I tortured the people in one line by singing the entire song "99 bottles of beer on the wall," "Moose in a Treehouse" (an equally long and obnoxious song), "Wheels on a Big Rig" (ditto), and more. They LOVED me.
Jim the Chaosbunny said:
Heh, @Reesa
I don't tend to sing in airports true, but when I broke my foot I was stuck in casualty for eight hours with one of my best friends. We spent most of that time doing a-capella karaoke. No idea what the rest of the waiting room thought of it, but it made us happy! :)
Bunny said:
@Reesa, your response got modded because having several verses of "wheels on a big rig" in text format made me go cross-eyed! Still love ya though ;)
Reesa said:
*giggles* That may be the best reason to have a post modded I've ever heard ^_^
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