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Open Source LOL
The actual comic I was reading was this xkcd strip
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Fred said:
I already knew I was a geek! (My sweeties have to hear me ranting about normalization of data and efficient selection criteria.) You're going to finish the story, right?
Jim said:
Heh, Fred, geeks are the best kind of people! ;)

The link in my comment underneath the toon shows you what I was laughing at.
- Bunny
Fred said:
Oh! I missed the link the first time through. I have a lot of love for xkcd!
Reesa said:
What does it say about me that I knew exactly which comic you were laughing about BEFORE clicking the link?
Bunny said:
Heh, @Reesa it says you're cool, that's what! :)
Reesa said:
Flattery will get you everywhere ~_^
james said:
i'm a rubbish geek...but that was funny! and so was the xkcd!
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