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Attack of the Sneaky Noodle Bunny
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Smescrater said:
Chaosbunny the bard? Everyone knows bards give +1 to all skill checks by singing an inspirational tune! What? Too Geeky? Oh man... I'll get my coat. *grins*
Bunny said:
Smescrater, have you seen my 'Talk nerdy to me' T-shirt?
Bunny said:
What are you talking about Fred? Of course it does!
Fred said:
I keep trying to explain to one of my sweeties ... the one I think of most from reading this comic, actually ... that saying "sneak sneak sneak" doesn't help her be more sneaky.
Reesa said:
Well, I always ask permission before stealing things, so I'm not going to throw any stones.
Fred said:
She's a sneaky little Kitsune fox. She doesn't really need any help being sneaky!
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