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The Ikea Wardrobe
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Fred said:
It could be worse. You could be being assisted by cats. (Work safe! Just some pictures of our 'helpful' cats and us assembling Ikea ffurniture.)
Janne said:
Why do you keep going to Ikea and buying their stuff if it's so evil like that?
Janne said:
I'm Finnish so everything Swedish is automatically rubbish. No matter how good it may be actually. Ruddy Swedes! *still remembers all those many defeats in ice hockey, bitterly*
Bunny said:
I should also point out that it wasn't the Ikea instructions that were 'evil' just that The Hedonist hadn't bothered to read them all the way through first - grr!
Fred said:
@Janne: Most of their furniture is actually pretty decent, especially for the price. I had to rebuild the kitchen chairs to overcome their design flaws, the kitchen table is great! It'll support two full grown adults in vigorous activities ... just in case you were wondering. @Bunny: Thank you, they know they're cute too and oh so 'helpful.'
Bunny said:
Fred: Cute cats! :)
Bunny said:
Janne: Because (1) it's cheap! (2) The Hedonist happens to be Swedish - it's a matter of national pride!
james said:
i had to build my aforementioned tv shelf thingy in my tiny flat...by myself. so...i know the pain! the worst thing was the instructions disappeared and i ended up having to google them. in accordance with a principle Bunny discovered about lost objects turning up only after they're no longer needed, i found them the next day. d'oh!
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