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Ikea (1)
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Janne said:
I've never been to Ikea.
Bunny said:
Fred, does she know that it's an entrance to the netherworld?
Fred said:
My "long-distance relationship" sweetie is visiting for a few days at the end of this week. She too has never been to Ikea and wants to go see it. I never thought of Ikea as an exciting date option, but it's where she wants to go.
Fred said:
Not to my knowledge. I'll take her there Monday afternoon before taking her back to the airport, that way if it's too traumatic the rest of the trip won't be spent with her whimpering in the corner.
Fred said:
Reporting back: She was amused by the store and didn't think it was a portal to Hell. (What can I say, she's a Kitsune.) She even bought a little pocket-sized alligator.
james said:
i dunno...my first time wasn't so bad. granted, not as good as virginity loss, but more productive! i have an awesome tv stand shelf thingy now!
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