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The Housemate Hunt continues
The letter reads: Dear Tenants, We're greedy landlords, and want to make your house into flats so we can charge more RENT. This means you have to leave, muahaha! (or pay us more money).

A bit of artistic licence there, but somehow they honestly seemed to think that kicking us out for several months worth of building work, then offering us the same house back, but cut in half and for more money was going to be a good deal. I'm still scratching my head.
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Holly said:
"I'm still scratching my head." For them, it probably will be a good deal!
Fred said:
This happened rather often when I was living in Chicago (although luckily never to me.) The landlord would sell to a developer who'd "recondition" the old apartment building into condos then sell them off for seriously jacked up prices. It's not too surprising that the city inspectors eventually found many of them weren't even close to being up to the building codes. The housing crash may have actually helped save apartment life in the Chicago area!
james said:
grr that was so disappointing! but then C did have issues with my own tenants...something to do with the number of legs... but still, that would've been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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