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Zentatsu said:
Why would woman's clothing need pockets? they all carry handbags.
Alan said:
Pockets are vastly overrated. I regularly go out with as many as fifteen of them and still carry a huge 'manbag' with me!
freakypete said:
Yeah, if I put stuff in the pockets I get accused of unsightly bulges...
Diana said:
If we had pockets, it might ruin the drape or line of the fabric. We MUST look fabulous, dears. ^_^
Bunny said:
@freakypete even in your jacket or shirt pockets?
Jim said:
Blah to looking fabulous. I'd like to just occasionally have somewhere to put my house keys! @zentatsu ...it's possible you have missed the point?
Reesa said:
@Jim - That's why I keep my keys on a carabiner. I can clip that to belt-loops, waist bands, neckholes, bra straps... Also, I like buying pants in the men's section because I like my pocketses. They're handy for cell phones and wallets because occasionally I don't actually feel like tucking everything into my bra OR like carrying a purse.
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