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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Apparently a series of relationships snuck up on me whilst I wasn't looking.
Ben's response to this was to announce his intention to sneak up on me and leap out with surprise snuggles at every opportunity.

Definition of polyamory (wikipedia)
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Holly said:
why did I have "oops I did it again" playing in my head while reading this?
Fred said:
Pretty much all of my sweeties 'just happened' -- I can't really say that I intentionally set out to date any of them, although I'm very much glad to be involved with all of them. The two essential tools for good polyamory: communication and Google Calendar!
Bunny said:
(@Fred) Ah, I haven't always got interwebs, so I make do with my little black 'book of all knowledge' and being very very confused most of the time!
Fred said:
Ah, that works too! Our kitchen calendar often serves as the hard copy backup. (Plus it 'boots up' a lot faster than any of the computers in the house.)
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