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Disadvantages of Polyamory: Valentines Day is Expensive!
Happy valentines day everyone! <3
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Janne said:
The advantage of being single: No need to spend any money for Valentine's Day!!! Yay!
Fred said:
True, although with my work really limited this year, I'm just giving cards to everyone. (They very much understand, of course.) In previous years, I've often had fun with the florists, particularly when sending two bunches of flowers to the same address. ("Now to the same address, with the name of strBoyFriend ...")
Smescrater said:
Oh good lord so true! I feel this ought to be on a t-shirt :)
Holly said:
Time is more of an issue for me! (I only have one romantic partner and I'll just be cooking him a nice breakfast. Cheapskate? Moi? :-P)
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