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Cocktail Party 2. The Hemingway
Apparently named after (and in theory drunk by) Ernest Hemingway. I like both Absinthe and champagne, in small quantities and in separate glasses I'm just not sure what I think about them together.
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Erich said:
I have to agree, the two flavors didn't quite taste right together.
Holly said:
Sounds like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick ...
Janne said:
Don't even mention absinthe to me. My God that's foul stuff! Plus I don't wanna get reminded of what happened the last time I had it.
David said:
You LIKE absinthe?? Oh, you BAD girl :-)
marti said:
next frolicon, you *must* attend the green fairy party. loads of great absinthes. (also, i agree about the hemmingway. i prefer the traditional preparation)
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