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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Hi folks, there's still a gap in this week's toons as I can't upload anything new (I had this one cunningly hidden away). The missing ones are currently posted on my blog at chaosbunny.blogspot.com

I also now have a shiny new mirror site (that is, a site that's a copy of the main one in case it goes down in future). If my uploady issues aren't fixed over the weekend, I'll be putting my new stuff up there from Monday, and pointing www.chaosbunny.com at it on a temporary basis, just to make sure everyone gets their cartoon fix.

See how much I love you!
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Holly said:
Erm, if there's no Universe left how can there be Entropy? It kinda requires a system to exist for Entropy to occur ... Theoretically what happens after the Universe is destroyed is "self Organisation." Ok, thats my geek quotient fulfilled for today :-P
Holly said:
The proper word for Self Organisation is, I'm told, neguentropy! Its the little things that make me happy ...
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