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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Honestly - I'm walking through the railway station with The Hedonist, and this complete stranger walks straight towards me, makes eye contact and says 'I love you'. I was stood there doing a rather effective goldfish impression for a couple of seconds before he turned to avoid the strange girl standing stock-still and staring at him.

It's amazing how you can be within a couple of feet of somebody and have such a different view of events.
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Alan said:
Wow, great idea for a game! Get one of those bluetooth hands-free thingies, walk around telling random people you love them and then pretend you're on the phone to someone! :-D
doogal said:
Worked for one afternoon in a warehouse, and the boss *kept* doing this to us. I'd look up and think "which of us is he talking to?" before I remembered about the headset.
david said:
You know, I'm convinced that people use handsfree mobiles as cover for just muttering to themselves.. But look on the bright side. He could have said, "Know what I think? I think you look like shit." I wonder how many handsfree mobiles have inadvertently started a fight on London Transport??
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