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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Beep Beep Beep
Beep beep beep beep beep...

Honestly, that alarm woke me up from two floors away, and I'm not a light sleeper. Nor am I happy to see 6.30am unless I'm still awake from the night before... Grump!
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Harvs said:
Heya, met you on the tube the other day :P Love your style of tooning; it's round and happy :) Keep up the good work love.
Carolyn said:
Your nightwear looks suspiciously similar to your day wear!
Ben said:
Errrr...didn't you post this before?
Jim said:
Harvs: Hiya! Nice to meet you! :)

Ben, I suspect it looks familiar cause you got a sneak preview before I scanned it in! ;)

Carolyn: Nightwear? Daywear? The clothes are built in!
Janne said:
Wearing clothes should be optional anyway. :P
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