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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

The Bunny is Sick
Yes, I really am full of lurgy at the moment. The nice thing about having your own comic though, is that things that happen in online conversations can come 'true'.

I love my Artistic Licence!
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Janne said:
*scratches head* Wish I had a better memory 'cos I've totally forgot this. PS. I'd never wear a pink shirt. :|
Ben said:
You too? You and Sarah can spend this evening sneezing at each other then...
Bunny said:
Actually slightly less than I was when I uploaded this, but still a bit run down. Joy for spreading lurgy at parties!
Bunny said:
Janne: Hehe, if it helps, it was a chat we had a few months ago - it just seemed particularly appropriate to draw it this week!
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