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Duck. Part 3
Oops, I meant to say part four (and if I'm lucky, five) of ducky will be posted in a couple of weeks time!
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Janne said:
Poor ducky. :(
Ben said:
I guess that answers Janne's question then. Did you actually manage to go to the lost property office in Baker Street in the end?
Tony said:
Google knows you - this was the link on the right, when I looked... http://www.crewclothing.co.uk/cid/TUQ0M5S8K9CLC28ST6Z19ZV71L0N0L49/Polka-Dot-Swimming-Costume-PRODW24_1119/
Turtle said:
So did you ever find the lil ol' pink ducky?
Janne said:
Aaarrgh! *pulls hair* Why do you have to keep us in suspense for that long?
Bunny said:
As for whether I found ducky again... I'll be posting an update again in a couple of weeks
Bunny said:
Partly cause I don't entirely know yet!
Anonymous Person said:
baker street would seem to be ideal place to realize that you've lost something.
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