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Easter Bunny
Jim the Easter Bunny is at Frolicon, spreading love joy and chocolate!

I actually drew this toon roughly a year ago, but didn't have a scanner with me at the time, so I saved it til now. :)

Wishing all my readers love, joy and tasty things as well as the Frolicon folk!
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DreamerTheresa said:
I will totally dress like you again next year. :) Glad to have met you!
Bunny said:
Aw, it was nice meeting you too, Mister Woodchuck. I shall hope to see you at future Frolicons! :)
Fwod said:
It was fun pulling security for your event Friday night. The conversation was lovely and appreciated.
Janne said:
Happy Easter to my favourite Easter/chaosbunny! <3
Bewitched said:
It was so lovely to see you again this year! It wouldn't be the same if you weren't there to celebrate with us.
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