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Devil's Panties!!!
Meeting Jennie Breeden was very cool :) I bought bookness, and swapped candy for a little Devils Panties easter egg thingy! :D

Jennie is a cartoonist too - her site is here: www.thedevilspanties.com
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Reesa said:
Dude! Did she actually do so? I had to cut out pretty early to go back to Reg...I hope I didn't miss out on squeaky toys!!!
Ben said:
Awesome! Is she as cute as she looks in her photos? :)
Bunny said:
Sadly there were no actual squeaky toys at the dark room party. Maybe next year though - We have lots of devious plans! :D
Bunny said:
(and yes, Jennie is cute :) )
Ben said:
Double awesome. I'm tempted to start reading DP again just in case you make a cameo appearance... :D
Janne said:
Just as cute as Chaosbunny? :P
Bunny said:
Much more, because I am not cute!
Ruth said:
Who is Jennie? Is she famous or something. It looks like you have been having a conversation with Bill and Ted!
Reesa said:
You are INCREDIBLY cute!!!
Fred said:
I beg to differ. Tacit had a picture of you in his LJ a few weeks ago and you most certainly are cute!
Ben said:
Liar! You're ever so cute.
Requiem said:
Youuu....need to come to Otakon this summer. Find a way! I will buy things from you!
Colleen Marie said:
Jennie is adorable, both in her video-blog and her e-mails. I am also very jealous of everyone who got to go to ECCC, as that is where I'm from, and no one has comic conventions in Nome, Alaska, which is the closest city to me.
Vampire Bunny said:
Hey!!! a new comic to follow. Been a reader of DP for years now. Its your turn to be pounced upon and your page's bandwidth sucked into oblivion.
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