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I should probably have explained this earlier, for my readers abroad!

Fly-tipping is apparently a very English term, meaning to dump rubbish (particularly large items, like furniture) and then run away and leave it for someone else to clear up. Much less exciting!
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Mike said:
Fly-tipping, not just cow-tipping-but-smaller for Aussies. It also works for us poor ol' Texans, too. Love the comic Bunny.
Reesa said:
That is exactly what my mental translation was guessing...now inquiring minds want to know...what is it really?
thisfox said:
Thankyou for the explanation, it made no sense to me. I thought perhaps it was a surrealist sign you'd put up to confuse people or something. But then, I am an Aussie.
Bunny said:
Nope, it's a surrealist sign that the local council where I live puts up to confuse Aussies :)
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