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Efficient Tea-Making: Stirring Device
Do be careful not to poke holes in the tea bag though!

More next week!
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Ben said:
What about those silly little stirrer things? Where to they rank?
Bunny said:
Hm... those annoying bendy plastic ones that you can't pick up a teabag with? Somewhere below knives in my ranking I think!
Carolyn said:
But if you are having sugar (on a flagging day), then a spoon ADDS efficiency because you can use it as a sugar carrier and a stirrer. Also adds entertainment value because you can put the sugar on the spoon and watch the tea gradually soak into it!
Janne said:
I like spoons. I have a habit of keeping 'em in my mouth. So I can suck/lick the tea off it even if it does steal some of the tea.
Ben said:
We have strange wooden lolly-stick ones at work. They're not too bad. :)
Reesa said:
Ah, but a spoon is well designed for tasting the tea and making sure that the concentration of additives is suitable. It also helps prevent unfortunate dripping between the cup and the saucer or garbage bag - not that I use tea bags for the most part, so inefficient squeezing largely doesn't affect me.
Bunny said:
Yuck, those wooden stirrer things make tea taste funny - blegh!
Reesa said:
Carolyn: Yes, but sugar cubes add even more efficiency because they are pre-measured, so you know exactly how much you need. Plus they're fun to crunch on and even more interesting to watch as they absorb tea. Also you can put them into your mouth and drink tea through the sugar cube rather than putting the sugar in the tea. Now for honey, on the other hand, spoons are ideal.
James said:
the problem with forks is that they can pierce the bag, thus greatly increasing the "PTOO" factor.
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