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Efficient Tea-Making: Milk
Just call me Goldilocks!
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Bunny said:
Flavour sure, but the texture...
Ben said:
Lies! Skimmed milk does have flavour! I grew up on the stuff! I only buy semi-skimmed now because otherwise visitors whine...
Reesa said:
It may have flavor, but it doesn't have a LOT of flavor. It's like taking a glass of milk and mixing it with water.
Janne said:
Goldilocks! :)
Ben said:
Maybe, but then again, if I had less milk with my tea, I'd need a pipette or an eye-dropper to put it in with. And you didn't mention soy milk! :p
Clouds said:
Skimmed milk turns tea grey. Yuck.
Diana said:
No, it does have a flavor other than water and milk. When I was out of skim, I tried mixing regular milk with water. Gross. And regular milk tastes cow-ey to me. :P
Requiem said:
I just drink my tea straight..although it is Green Tea usually, so...
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