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Efficient Tea-Making: The Kettle
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Ruth said:
What about urns? Hot water on tap, so you don't even have to wait for the kettle to boil. That truly is LUXURY!
Bunny said:
Urns are evil. They like to lurk in corners and squirt steam at Chaosbunnies when they least suspect it. Apart from that though, it's a very cool idea. *nods*
Reesa said:
My dentist's office also has a weird water cooler that dispenses both hot water and cold. It's kind of awesome.
Janne said:
Those indeed are wonderful creations. Sadly I still don't own one, so I'm forced to make mine using a kettle.
marti said:
i am thisclose to getting an electric kettle... not that i don't love shiny chrome stovetop kettles, but yes, i am a plug-and-play kinda gal :-)
Cat lady said:
Ruth, urns are ok as long as they are not like the one at my work - it doesn't make the water hot enough and the tea, although efficient, is VILE!
Tone said:
We had a very special visiting researcher at uni, from Spain. He made tea with the hot water boiler meant for washing up - about 60 degrees. Eugh. We tried to stop him, but he's special... Fire is fun. We had fire Sunday :)
Requiem said:
I'm happy with a black stovetop kettle.
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