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Efficient Tea-Making: Types of Tea
Mine's a cup of English Breakfast thankyou very much! (Strong, with lots of milk and no sugar)

I'm running this as a series, every Friday until I run out of ideas.

Please note this series is about making efficient tea, not necessarily the best tasting, or the most 'proper' or whatever.
The Chaosbunny is lazy and approves of putting the minimum effort into these things.
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Janne said:
I'm with Bunny on this matter. :)
Ben said:
Ugh. Lots of milk is just wrong! It overpowers the taste of the tea... English Breakfast is lovely though!
Reesa said:
To me, the improvement in flavor makes it worth the bother of dealing with loose leaf tea. Makes it a lot easier to make custom blends that exactly match your mood, too. I'm all about the blending flavors to match my mood. Also, I haven't had any problems with loose leaf tea making it through the strainer and into my cup.
Clouds said:
I'm with Ben! Lots of milk is horrible, and if you're using UHT milk then I'll take it black, thanks...
Bunny said:
Lots of milk means I can drink it faster! I suppose I could put cold water in, but that's just more faff...
Kea said:
Chai, with milk and sugar, more on the milk than on the sugar though.
Tone said:
Efficient tea-making normally involves finding someone kind and clever (enough to make good tea) and suggesting "make me tea?"
Bunny said:
I suspect this depends on how long it takes you to find someone nice enough to do it - in some situations it may be quicker to make it yourself!
Janne said:
That's not an option though if you're a truly lazy person. ;)
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