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Chaosbunny Hair
Introducing a new character: Chaosbunny Hair - it is in fact an independent species, coincidentally living on the head of the Chaosbunny. Hell-bent on world domination, evil bunny hairs cause chaos all of their own.
Visitor Comments
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Ben said:
My hair just lives to kill hoovers. It wraps itself around the rotating sweeper and strangles it until the fuse blows...
Clouds said:
However bad yours is, I can almost guarantee mine is worse.
Ruth said:
I think that I have choas bunny hair living on my head!
Alan said:
My hair just upped and left years ago. I've not received so much as a postcard...
Janne said:
Solution to chaosbunny hair, shave it all off. ;)
Turtle said:
Be afraid....be very, VERY afraid!
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