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This is your youth...
Because you're only young once.

Here is where I draw the curtain on that particular night out - mostly because the getting ready was the most exciting bit!

I might see about getting this one on a t-shirt as well.
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Janne said:
Exactly why I've wasted so much time in the university.
Cat said:
Oh, I would totally buy stuff with that on! We (hubby n I) are doing our best to follow instructions :D
Turtle said:
My hubby says I mis-spend all the time...everytime a new comic book comes int he mail. XD
Diana said:
I think I'm too old to misspend my youth... Is 46 too old? (Darn. Too late.) Wah! :*(
Bunny said:
Not too late at all! If you're young enough to want to you're young enough to to do it, I say :)
Requiem said:
Amen. I feel this is the best rule to live by. I just realized, I've commented on so many as I read through. Whee! Spree!
DukeEuphoria said:
Youth, a state of mind fortunately unrelated to the passing of a few irritating years.
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