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Bunny Likes... Pushing Red Buttons
I'm going to have to buy myself a red button that does something cool, just so I can fulfil my red-button-pressing urges.
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ben said:
My dad once found a French petrol station unattended, and pushed the big red button in an attempt to summon assistance. It turned all the pumps off. :)
Holly said:
I thinking something with flashing lights and a siren, followed by a recorded message of "Yes, its Friday, w00t!"
Diana said:
Here in the Western US, we have an office supply company that has a big red "easy" button. There are commercials that when people push the button everything gets easier. My boss has one on his desk, but when you push it it just says, "That was easy" but doesn't do anything else. :(
Bunny said:
Aw, that's no good! It's not a proper red button unless sirens go off and things explode and stuff!
Diana said:
Yeah, that's what I was voting for: Explosions and stuff. Imagine my disappointment.
Naropa said:
I'll get you a red button darling!
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