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Heart on a Stick
Saturday - we're walking past a florists and they have these heart things poking up out of the display, and I just go 'squeee'! They're so cute! They weren't really for sale on their own, but the shopkeeper seemed quite happy to part with their display pieces as long as people were offering money, so I trot away happy with my new toy. Lexx is all 'what on earth?' so then I'm bouncing along happily with my heart on a stick and there are girls all down the way stopping to tell me how cool it is. I think I win :D

*News:* For those of you who don't check my news page regularly, it's my birthday on Friday! I've celebrated already by opening up my online shop. Why not celebrate my birthday by buying yourself a present? :)

Bunny - proud new owner of a heart-on-a-stick!
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Ruth said:
WOW! I am impressed by Mr Shop, he is certainly extensive : )
Janne said:
The world looks different through the eyes of a chaosbunny. :)
Holly said:
Get Lexx a Cisco logo on a stick - he'll love it ;-) Other squee items to get on sticks include stars (for wand duty), Sesame Street pencil top thingies and a picture of the moon, obviously ...
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