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Who Drank My Tea?
Don't tell me you've never done it - lift the cup only to discover that you emptied it already a few minutes ago!
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Talia said:
Bunny! I might be wrong and feel free to spank me if I am :-D, but have we not had this toon before or something similar. x
Ben said:
About once a day at work...if it weren't for all the caffeine, I'd be comatose by mid-day.
Bunny said:
Talia, a lot of my toons are about tea! But I think you're remembering the one where I left it in the kettle - these things bunnies do when they haven't had enough tea!
Carolyn said:
That happened to me TODAY!!
Janne said:
Happens to all of us every now and then. But at least you can always make some more. :)
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