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Vix & Bunny go to the Hospital - 03
See! I'm such a great artist I can even draw portraits from the inside! :)

P.S. There is new stuff on my news page, for those of you who don't check back there regularly - exciting!

Also I'll be posting a couple of new cartoons over the weekend too, based on events of the last two days.
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Bunny said:
Alan: That's what I said! I think she was a bit distracted by the fact that her nail had turned bright blue though...

According to my radiographer friend that is in fact the correct way to x-ray a middle finger. The amusement factor is just a bonus! :)
Alan said:
Such a shame she didn't ask to keep that x-ray. It would have looked soo good framed and mounted on the wall!
Ben said:
Oh dear...silly doctor. Not quite as bad as the time I had a car crash and got both hands x-rayed (one had glass in and the other had a (suspected) broken bone. When I saw the consultant 3 days later, he said I couldn't see any evidence of a break. I had to point out that he was looking at the x-ray of the other hand. This, in spite of them being clearly marked "L" and "R," and my having one hand strapped up...
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