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Boobs on my Head
I am not a great fan of Valentines, and Janne, my friend from Finland told me that their 14th of February is more about celebrating friendships than romantic love. So here's a strip dedicated to one of my friends. - Good job she's a close one!

To everyone else in my life - I love all of you! [/soppy]
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Bunny said:
Next valentines day, I'm organising a trip into town with 'free hugs' signs! :)
Requiem said:
Last valentines day I walked around in red and black, throwing black heart confetti on couples. I was greatly entertained.
Ben said:
Definitely. I did reckon if I ever got stupidly rich, I'd hire a bunch of really pretty people to give out roses and cuddles to people who looked sad or miserable at stations on Valentine's day.
Bunny said:
Yes! National cuddle day sounds awesome - we should start it! :D
Ben said:
I spent it kickboxing. Getting assaulted by buff teenagers has much to recommend it. I agree with Janne. Boobs on heads all round! There should be some kind of national cuddle day where everyone gives out surprise hugs to people who want them.
Erich said:
Happy Friendship Day Bunny!
Janne said:
I wish I'd have boobs on my head too. Lucky Bunny!
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