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Vix's Nemesis?
Hangover Demons: They're big and purple and ooogly,and they fill your brain with radioactive cotton wool, so you go 'Aaargh, my brain'!

Most active around Saturday and Sunday mornings, they are attracted by the scent of alcohol in the bloodstream. They feed on booze-soaked braincells and leave radioactive cotton wool in their wake.
An urban relative of the yeti, they are rarely seen, but leave signs of their visits including a pounding headache, a mouth that 'tastes like something went to the toilet in there', and disturbed hair and bedclothes.
Visitor Comments
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Turtle said:
Bloody hangover demons. They lurk in every bottle of tequila and wait to put their evil grasp on my brain! heheh
Ruth said:
Best stick to tea then!
Janne said:
Luckily Hangover demons rarely harass me. B)
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