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Things that Give a Chaosbunny Endless Satisfaction: Eating Yoghurt...
(So clearly I didn't get a Frolicon toon uploaded for today - oops! It's been a busy week!)
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Bunny said:
Hehe, that's always how I start, but then there's the last bit in the bottom that you just *have* to eat with your fingers. Mmmm, tasty yoghurt!
Holly said:
You can drink it like a drink, that seems to annoy lots of people too ;-)
Ben said:
Why does that man have no hand?
Reesa said:
Or you can learn the trick of folding the foil from the top into a spoon substitute. *not fond of her fingers being sticky*
Bunny said:
Ben: He was supposed to have his arms crossed but I got distracted while I was inking him and forgot what I was doing!
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