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What Pencils are For
I might run another one or two of these, if I get enough extra suggestions!
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Ben said:
They need to introduce flavoured pencils for us compulsive chewers...
Ruth said:
Surely poking should be done with the other end of the pencil, otherwise it might hurt!
Ian said:
I got banned from using the pencils at my D&D group...
Ruth said:
My suggestions 1. burning and toasting marshmallows on 2. the pixies (who steal them and then you can't find any pencils even though you have loads) 3. tapping on the desk when you are thinking / pretending to think 4. sharping with an electric sharpener (lots of fun!) 5. spare chop sticks!
Ruth said:
AND... for popping things!
Helen said:
Practicing hand-eye co-ordination. AKA twirling the pencil around your fingers.
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