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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Superman has Dirty Glasses
The Chaosbunny doesn't take her glasses off either... is she secretly a superhero? (I wish!)
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Janne said:
That's not exactly true now, is it? 'Cos I distinctively remember seeing you without your glasses more than once.
Turtle said:
Up int he sky! It's a bird! it's a plane! No, it's SuperBunny! Out to save the worlds' tea from danger!!
Ben said:
He's got those beams he can shoot out of his eyes - they obviously burn all the dirt off... :)
Bunny said:
Janne: You've never met me in person, so how d'you know it was the Chaosbunny you saw, hm?
Janne said:
So I've been a fool trusting you all these years? :(
Holly said:
Because of the Polka Dots, natch ;-)
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