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I'm perfectly normal, for a Chaosbunny.

Bunny Likes... DIY
I do actually own pink tools. I have the world's campest toolkit!
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Janne said:
I'm pretty you're fulfilling someone's fantasies with that. ;)
Ben said:
You hammer stuff whilst in a corset?! Hmmm...wanna help me put up some shelves? :)
Turtle said:
High heels and hammers....what more could a girl want? ;)
Clouds said:
DIY in a corset? But how? ... MUST TRY.
Becky said:
I once wore 5 inch heels to paint my bedroom ceiling. So much quicker and more stylish than fetching a ladder :-D
Bunny said:
@Becky: Darn you tall people, I would have to get stilts! I like the mental image though :)
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